Ambient Odor Control

I started this website show them our new Vancouver based odor control and scenting company. We�re providing the market having a very unique service odor control and scenting by providing an original replacement for current systems our units have zero cartridges and no disposable batteries. I spent more than a decade working in a niche that provided traditional units like aerosols and unfortunately it caused thousands of air freshener cartridges and disposable batteries ending up in our landfills each year, were proud to express we are now wanting to curb this wasteful system.- Odour Neutralizer

Our units have traditionally been employed in garbage and compactor rooms which require odor control to enhance the air quality for residents and customers, but additionally being a 1st step in removing a attractant for bugs, rodents along with other pests.

The system then expanded and we�re excited to announce that we're in a position to provide odor control for most other locations, including washrooms, hallways and fitness areas.

�Ambient Aire can improve the odor of indoor air for almost any environment�

One of the benefits about the product is what has invisible on your customer or resident, the entire unit could be positioned in a location which is from site. It may be situated in a back of house space by connecting right to the hvac system, �No ugly plastic units that offend guests with sprays or overpowering perfume. Or perhaps the units could be located in the ceiling with a small diffuser to- Odour Neutralizer